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Top Ten: The Best Online Masters Degrees for Nursing


For the majority of professionals already in the nursing field, some level of formal education has already been achieved. Typically, practicing nurses hold an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree. Despite the demanding rigors undergraduate programs place on their students, many decide to pursue higher levels of educational standards. A masters degree in nursing is the next step these individuals seek.

Master’s programs are primarily designed for aspiring educators who will go on to instruct both new students and professional peers. Coursework generally incorporates special education from the National League for Nursing (NLN) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). These courses are often competency-based programs, providing the skills necessary to teach in many environments such as hospitals, schools, businesses, and community clinics. They also emphasize assessment, evaluation, measurement, dealing with various styles of learning, and creating unique curricula.

The following list features the Top Ten rankings for online masters degrees in nursing. Each school was thoroughly reviewed and highly regarded by respected publications as well as leaders in the medical community. These respected schools boast top rankings on U.S. News and World Report’s online education honor roll, multiple specialization options, renowned faculty and staff and a number of other unique characteristics.

1. Johns Hopkins University: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $33,168.00 per year full time

2. Loyola University New Orleans: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $744.00 per credit hour

3. Duke University: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $1,358.00 per credit

4. Drexel University: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $800.00 per credit

5. Clarkson College: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $437 per credit hour

6. University: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: Between $21,000 and $36,000 per year full time

7. University of Texas-Tyler: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: EST. $338.23 per credit at 9 credits, non-residents $689.00 per credit at 9 credits

8. Sacred Heart University: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $600.00 per credit hour

9. University of Florida: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $11,954 per year for residents and $29,347 per year for non-residents

10. University of San Francisco: Master of Science in Nursing
Cost: $1,130.00 per unit

Source: Top 10 Best Online Masters Degree in Nursing Programs

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Top 10 Online Masters In Nursing Programs For 2012

If you’re looking to get your Master’s degree in nursing and want to do so online, a website called Best Nursing Masters recently published their 2012 rankings for online masters programs in nursing. Leading the pack is Ball State University’s Online Master’s in Nursing.

Getting an advanced graduate degree is an important and costly decision and while college rankings aren’t a precise science, we do believe that they serve as a tool to help students make wise choices. As always, we recommend consulting multiple ranking sources in order to derive a consensus in your mind as to which program is the best fit for you.

Here are the 10 best online programs for a masters in nursing according to the site Best Nursing Masters.

#1 – Ball State University Online Master’s in Nursing
#2 – Benedictine University Masters in Nursing
#3 – Drexel University Online Masters in Nursing
#4 – Georgetown University Online Master of Science in Nursing
#5 – Gonzaga University Online Master of Science in Nursing
#6 – Jacksonville University Online Master of Science in Nursing
#7 – Johns Hopkins Online Master of Science in Nursing
#8 – Loyola University Master’s in Nursing
#9 – Saint Xavier Online Master’s in Nursing
#10 – University of Cincinnati Online MS in Nursing

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The Best Online Nursing Degree Programs

According to a survey done in 2006, registered nurses with a BSN earned $4,200 more each year than registered nurses without the degree. If you multiply that by 25 years, you’re looking at $105,000 more over the course of a career.

Getting your RN to BSN degree has never been easier thanks to the large number of online programs that are available. Online nursing degree programs are flexible and allow you to earn your degree while working full time.

However, when going the online route, you need to make sure to select high quality RN to BSN program. Below are the 7 best online nursing degree programs according to The Best Degrees.

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The 10 Best Nursing Schools According To ZCL

Many people want to go to the best school that they can get accepted into. If that sounds like you, then you’re no doubt a huge fan of college rankings. Choosing the best program can often lead to an easier time getting a job after your education (although as we all know, when it comes to nursing, the demand is so high that it’s hard NOT to get a job!)

Today Zen College Life made us aware of their 2010 rankings of the 10 best nursing schools. If you are thinking about attending nursing school and want to go to the best school possible, consider applying to several off this list.

Overall, we like the rankings that Zen College Life put together and congratulate them on having built a solid resource for prospective nursing students. Let us know your thoughts. It’s hard NOT to leave a good school out when you are only listing ten.

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Five Tips to Ensure Nursing School Success

Guest article by Lara Alspaugh

As an educator, I have seen hundreds of men and women of all ages and backgrounds make a bid for licensure as a Registered Nurse. Some I have watched struggle, others I have watched fly through school with an ease that is envious. While they certainly all had the desire, I believe some of them conducted themselves in a way that was more likely to ensure success. Here are some tips to ensure your success in nursing school.

  1. Be Professional ~ Where other courses of study may tolerate more flexibility in dress, behavior and professionalism, nursing will not. Nursing has struggled to be regarded as a profession and we take the level of professionalism you bring to the student table very seriously. Abide by the dress code your school subscribes to at all times. Treat your patients, fellow students, professors, and nursing staff at clinical sites with respect. Be on time; both physically and with assigned work. While this may seem an easy tip to follow, many students falter here putting their success in jeopardy.
  2. Develop a core study group ~ People tend to only remember 10% of what they read, 50% of what they hear and see, 70% of what they say and 90% of what they say and do. By developing a study group that meets regularly and works thru information in a myriad of ways, you will be better prepared. Try taking turns teaching the information to each other, act out the skills you’re being tested on as you talk thru them with your group and support each other. You will be more successful.
  3. Limit outside obligations ~ I certainly understand, as do most nursing professors, that there simply is no way to avoid all distractions. While many nursing programs suggest you do not work while enrolled, for most students that is simply not a possibility. We all like to eat, have heat and pay our tuition! Balancing work, school and family can be rigorous. Scheduling your time can only be done by you. Do it wisely. [Read more →]

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