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Top 10 MPH Programs Online

We were recently sent this new ranking for online MPH programs that was just published last week by a site called MPH Online. While we get dozens of rankings emailed to us that are of poor quality, we took a look at the ranking and think it is currently the best one of its kind (for online MPH programs) on the Internet (based on the quality of schools and programs included).

You will be trained at any of these programs to take on the great health challenges of our generation and to help encourage public health. An MPH degree (Masters in Public Health) allows you to be involved in the general well being of society.

Top 10 Online Schools for a Masters in Public Health

#1. Creighton University
#2. A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
#3. University of Liverpool
#4. Benedictine University
#5. Concordia University-Nebraska
#6. Walden University
#7. Grand Canyon University
#8. Capella University
#9. Kaplan University
#10. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Each of these schools is regionally accredited and we can recommend them highly for anyone looking to pursue an MPH degree online.

Source: Top 10 Online Masters in Public Health Programs

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Top Online MHA Programs for 2012

It’s the New Year and time for all sorts of college rankings. For those of you looking to advance your career in a more administrative direction, a masters degree in healthcare administration might be the ticket. There are plenty of high quality online opportunities for distance education when pursuing an MHA. Many people pursue their MHA even while working full time. An online program from a reputable school is the best way for this to happen, and administrative degrees are very well suited to the online format.

Below is a list of the top online MHA programs for 2012 from the website Top Masters in Healthcare if you are considering the online route. Each of these colleges offers a solid, marketable Masters in Healthcare Administration degree that will give you the best opportunity for an administrative career within health.

The 5 Best Online MHA Programs for 2012

#1 University of North Carolina
#2 George Washington University
#3 St. Joseph’s University
#4 Ohio University
#5 Grand Canyon University

For the rest of the top 10, visit the source by clicking here. The original ranking provides additional information about each school and some justification for why it was selected. Any of the schools on this list come highly recommended.

As it is ranking season, we will continue to post college rankings that are relevant to the nursing and healthcare fields as these have been the most popular and widely read resources from our publication.

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The Top Paying Non-Doctor Health Care Jobs

Many people want to go into health care but do not want to be a doctor. While the highest paying jobs in health care typically are doctor related careers, you can still get a high paying job in health care without becoming a doctor.

Below is a list of the top 10 paying non-doctor health care jobs according to the site SuperScholar:

1. Pharmacists – Salary: $106,630
2. Physician Assistants – Salary: $84,830
3. Radiation Therapists – Salary: $77,340
4. Physical Therapists – Salary: $76,220
5. Occupational Therapists – Salary: $70,680
6. Nuclear Medicine Technologists – Salary: $68,450
7. Speech-Language Pathologists – Salary: $68,350
8. Dental Hygienists – Salary: $67,860
9. Audiologists – Salary: $66,850
10. Orthotists and Prosthetists – Salary: $66,600

For more details and a description of each of these careers along with a longer list (they include 20) please visit the source article: 20 Best Paying Health-Care Careers Where You Don’t Need to Be a Doctor. In addition to salaries and career descriptions, the original article also includes educational requirements for each job.

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Health care salaries make up 8 of the top 10 best paying jobs

Coming as no surprise to us at Health Careers Journal, it pays very well to work in the health industry. According to the US Department of Labor, in 2008, seven of the top 10 best paying jobs were in the health care industry.

1. Surgeon* – $181,850 salary per year

2. Anesthesiologist* – $174,610 salary per year

3. Obstetrician/Gynocologist* – $174,600 salary per year

4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon* – $169,600 salary per year

5. Internist* $156,790 salary per year

6. Prosthodontist* – $153,710 salary per year

7. Orthodontist* – $153,240 salary per year

8. Psychiatrist* – $151,380 salary per year

9. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – $140,880 salary per year

10. Engineering Manager – $140,210 salary per year

*Indicates a health career or job

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Encouraging High School Students To Explore Health Careers

Even in our slowing economy, the greatest demand for jobs is found in the health care industry.   Health careers are readily available to those who put the time in to get a proper education.  Unfortunately, the supply of health professionals has not bee enough to keep up with demand.  So nurses and other health professionals tend get stretched to their full capacity.

The good news is that all over the country there are programs in place to encourage high school students to consider a career in health.   Once such program to encourage students is at the North Louisiana Area Health Education Center where students are able to get hands on experience with a health occupation in exchange for high school credit.

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Salaries in Mental Health Careers

People who work in mental health understand that a glamorous salary doesn’t usually come with the job. Highly educated individuals with years of experience have the best chance of landing a job paying more than $100,000 a year. However, most workers will earn more modest salaries. This article takes a brief look at eight mental health careers. Read on to learn what some people in mental health do to earn their paychecks.

Mental health counselors provide therapy for groups and individuals. Counselors must complete a master’s degree and licensing requirements before they are allowed to practice. Many counselors report to a high-level therapist or psychologist.
Average annual salary range – $23,500-$38,000

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Outpatient Mental Health Counselor – Job Profile

Outpatient mental health counselors help many people every day. They calm people with anxiety, help families communicate, and listen to people with emotional pain. This article looks at several aspects of this fulfilling career. Review information about a mental health counselor’s average income, responsibilities, practice specialties, and more.

The therapeutic relationship is at the heart of good counseling work. Working face-to-face with another human being is how change begins. Mental health counselors work with individuals, families, and sometimes groups of clients. Counselors use therapy sessions to learn about their clients, listen to them, teach them new things, and help decrease their symptoms. These sessions are done on an outpatient basis.

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A Free Medical School and Nursing Graduate Program, Plus More

Did you know there is a school, started in 1972, that offers one of the best educations in the world? It is the F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine and Graduate School of Nursing; which is part of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland.

It serves all four branches of the military and Public Health Service. Uniformed students receive their usual pay and benefits. Medical students have a seven year obligation to serve after graduation. Only military nurses are accepted in the post-graduate nursing programs for Master’s degree or PhD completion. Some civilians who are employed by the federal government may be eligible for admission and receive their full salary while attending.

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20 Unique Health Related Careers to Consider

Health and wellness-related careers are in demand. In addition to baby boomers reaching their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, an age where regular health care and doctor visits are key, more people are hoping to lead healthier life styles.  With this in mind, you might consider one of these great health and wellness-related careers.

1. Personal Chef – Lots of families are on the go nowadays and nutrition is compromised. Personal chefs see to it families are fed well-balanced, properly-portioned meals. Requires 18 months or more of culinary training.

2. Nutritionist/Dietician – Like the personal chef, a nutritionist will help see that individuals and families are eating properly. Schools, hospitals, spas, rehabilitation facilities and others have nutritionists on staff. Must have a college degree with required health, math, communication and science courses completed. Will also have to have a license or other certification. Check the guidelines for your state.

3. Personal Trainer – Personal trainers help people get into shape or stay in shape by tailoring exercises regimes to each participant’s lifestyle. A personal trainer can work out of a health club or spa or pay home visits. Check your state for the requirements necessary for a license or certification.

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Osteopathic versus Allopathic Physicians: Do You Know the Difference (and Then There are Chiropractors)?

The practice of medicine began with Hippocrates. It progressed from an education by tutelage to formal training in specialized schools.

In 1874 a physician grew wary of the treatments rendered and lack of success with most medications. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still founded a school that paralleled the teachings of medicine and added the concept of holistic health. He determined nutrition played a large part in the maintenance of well being; the body has the potential for healing itself, and the musculoskeletal system plays a role in good health. The best way, perhaps, to put the differences succinctly, is to say medicine tends to treat the individual ailments while osteopathy treats the entire being.

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