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What criteria are considered when selecting a profession? Which factor is the most significant? All things being equal, salaries are largely dependant on the geographic region versus exactly what function is performed. For instance, a cardiovascular technician and technologist in Florida can expect a mean annual salary of $31,900. The same position in New York will pay a median wage of $46,700 (the national median is $42,300)

Financial influences in your decision should include housing costs, utility bills, urban versus rural living, and whether you want to ski or play golf. Of course you could do both in a place like New Mexico for most of the year; but the cost will be a lower wage: but living expenses will be lower.  If you live in New York City, you may only be able to afford a one-room walk-up.The training required for those choosing cardiovascular, is two to four years. Technicians and Technologist take similar courses in the first year, then go on to specialized areas. Technologists can qualify to take the national certification exam and generally earn a bachelor’s degree.That being said, it’s time to discuss the breadth of occupations within the healthcare industry.

We can start with the cardiovascular technician. These professionals are often involved with performing electro cardiograms, assist at catheterizations, manage lung capacity tests, pulmonary functions, and other tasks. Nationwide there is expected to be a 33% increase in need for trained technicians over the next 10 years.

Audiologists are employed in a variety of settings: schools, hospitals, private practice. They diagnose, prevent and treat auditory ailments of all ages: infants through geriatrics. This is not only for hearing deficits, but also balance impairments, industrial programs, rehabilitation and research. The mean salary is $57,100. Know exactly what goes on in the profession by visiting the American Academy of Audiologists website .

Dental Hygienists clean and examine teeth, educate on oral health care, make impressions from casts, charts findings, use technology, x-rays, and computers. Education is specialized and requires a four year degree. Salaries are in the area of $62,800. To learn more about the profession see the site of the American Dental Hygienist Association

Medical Sonographers receive a mean national wage of $57,200. They have diverse opportunities to specialize, and are currently in great demand. The technicians utilize sonography to visualize organs, generally eliminating the need for exploratory surgery, in conjunction with other diagnostic tools. Sonographers are usually part of the larger radiology department and are seen as playing a vital role in patient diagnosis. Training is two years in length with schools sometimes located within or associated with hospitals. For information see the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Emergency Medical Technicians have come a long way from the days when training consisted of having a first aid card and driver’s license. The mean salary of $27,100 does not include the advanced training of paramedics. EMT is required to advance to paramedic. Also of interest is the growth expected in the occupation. The mean rate is 27%; meaning there are areas of significantly higher expectations. EMTs are first responders to illness and accidents, trained to provide assistance at critical times. The job is highly stressful but great for adrenalin rushes. A downside of the job can be burn-out, depending on the town or city where located. Training takes less than one year. To learn more about educational and training opportunities, go to the NAEMT site

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