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Securing the Residency of Your Choice

The rigors of medical school take an immense toll on prospective physicians. They are put at risk financially, physically and emotionally for the impending pay off of a career in medicine. While there are many factors that will determine the success of the gamble medical school presents, resident placement is important. After the long years of school work have been completed a student’s choice of residency depends upon location, specialization and reputation of the University. Prospective residents may have little to say about where they are accepted, making the application and interview process to a particular residency significant. Knowing what to expect and what’s expected of you can help.

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Why Some Physicians Give up Practicing

The medical school graduates of the United States and Canada are among the best and brightest of their generation. Why they choose the lofty profession may be for reasons known but to them; although the old standbys of altruism, excitement, profit, and status probably lead the list. The bigger question is why physicians of any age would leave their chosen profession.

Older docs who practiced through the “golden age” of medicine can recall when they were an honored part of the community in a much less litigious society. They could spend their 15 minutes or longer with a patient, hear their complaints, and even discuss their families. They could prescribe treatments, medicine, and tests without getting the consent of a clerk at the insurance company. They worked long, hard hours and were paid for their efforts.

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