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20 Unique Health Related Careers to Consider

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Health and wellness-related careers are in demand. In addition to baby boomers reaching their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, an age where regular health care and doctor visits are key, more people are hoping to lead healthier life styles.  With this in mind, you might consider one of these great health and wellness-related careers.

1. Personal Chef – Lots of families are on the go nowadays and nutrition is compromised. Personal chefs see to it families are fed well-balanced, properly-portioned meals. Requires 18 months or more of culinary training.

2. Nutritionist/Dietician – Like the personal chef, a nutritionist will help see that individuals and families are eating properly. Schools, hospitals, spas, rehabilitation facilities and others have nutritionists on staff. Must have a college degree with required health, math, communication and science courses completed. Will also have to have a license or other certification. Check the guidelines for your state.

3. Personal Trainer – Personal trainers help people get into shape or stay in shape by tailoring exercises regimes to each participant’s lifestyle. A personal trainer can work out of a health club or spa or pay home visits. Check your state for the requirements necessary for a license or certification.

4. Massage Therapist – Everyone loves a massage! Massage therapists can work in their own private practice or under the employ of wellness centers, spas, cruise ships, athletic organizations and more. Requires a license and/or certification.

5. Patient Educator – There are people whose jobs it is to educate patients about their options, rights, payment and health care information and more. Patient educators have degrees in Sociology, Social Work, Psychology and more. Check for local requirements.

6. Reflexologist – Reflexologists work at spas, wellness centers and private practice. Must complete a reflexology course and receive certifications.

7. Pharmacist – Pharmacists are in demand! In fact, many “fresh out of college” pharmacists earn an average of $90,000 annually for their first gig! A six year degree is required.

8. Athletic Trainer – Professional sports organizations, high schools, colleges, universities, health clubs, country clubs, spas and more employ athletic trainers. Trainers have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in physical education and other health and fitness related studies, and must receive certification.

9. Physical Therapist – Physical therapists are employed by health care centers, hospitals, wellness centers, schools and more. Physical therapists must complete an accredited program.

10. Medical Scientists – Medical Scientists research diseases and ailments to help find cures. They’re employed by private laboratories, health care agencies, pharmaceutical companies and more. Four to eight years of college is required, depending on the specialty.

11. Wellness Coach – Wellness coaches are generally in private practice. Their jobs are to coach businesses or individuals on leading a healthier, happier lifestyle. Degrees in nutrition, psychology and more are helpful.

12. Wellness Director – Like the Wellness Coach, it’s the Wellness Director’s job to see that people maintain a positive lifestyle. Wellness directors are employed by rehabilitation centers, hospitals, senior citizen facilities and more.

13. Fitness Director – Schools, spas, cruise ships, athletic centers and more use fitness directors to oversee programs. A degree in physical fitness or physical therapy is beneficial.

14. Anesthesiologist – Employed by private surgeons, hospitals, clinics and more, an anesthesiologist requires 4 years of college and 4 years in med school.

15. Disability Health Advocates – The disabled often need people to look out for their best interests. Degrees depend on the specialty but it doesn’t hurt to have a health or psychology degree or a background in social work.

16. Health Inspector – Public health inspectors monitor health safety situations in restaurants, stores, schools and more. Check your state guidelines for requirements.

17. Midwife/Doulah – For those who prefer to give birth at home, or in a hospital without a traditional doctor, a midwife or doulah is who they call. To become a midwife or doulah you will have to complete your state’s requirements and receive a license or certification.

18. Substance Abuse Counselor – A substance abuse person must be compassionate and non-judgmental. A substance abuse counselor must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and two years experience as a counselor.

19. Medical Biller – Some medical billers work from home, others work at a health care agency or medical facility. It helps to have a degree in accounting.

20. Dental Assistant – Dental assistants are in demand! To become a dental assistant one must complete an accredited course.


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